(FairDiesel has changed its name -Site still under construction)
Low carbon, low emissions engine for automotive, aviation, marine and industrial applications.




November 2017 - FairDiesel has changed its name! We are now Covaxe - Constant Volume Axial Engines. It is still developing the same innovative engine, same savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, (up to 19%), same reductions in NOx and particulate emissions, same exciting research and development project.

But a new name and a new brand for a cleaner, greener image.  


September 2017 - The Company welcomes Herr Rolf Schwartz as a new investor.  


July 2017 - We progress to Phase 3 of the TDAP programme.  


April 2017 -The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), sponsored by BEIS, award us a grant to join Phase 2 of the Technology Development Accelerator Programme(TDAP).


October 2016 -To demonstrate our commitment to low emissions automotive power, we sponsor the Greenpower Electric Car project at Chipping Sodbury School.




Out of over two hundred cars entered internationally, the School's 'Rotary Racer' and 'RAF-Pod' came fifth and thirty-fifth respectively in the IET final at Rockingham in 2016.






January 2017

If you are interested in joining our team of investors in Covaxe, please contact us and explore your interest.


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